Top Written Exam Preparation Tips

The exam season is going on! Students are worrying for their examination; many of the students try to prepare well for the examination but fails to do that. The main reason behind that is students fails to follow up appropriate strategy. To study well, one should have a proper study plan, making a plan is not enough, to clear the examination effectively and efficiently, students require to follow the planned study plan.

So through this article, we are sharing Top Written Exam Preparation Tips, which help the students to prepare well for their examination. The experts give the preparation tips, and they have adopted the same tops in their life. So students who are preparing for their examination are suggested to check the provided preparation tips and follow up the same to pass the examination with flying colors.

Many times it has been seen that students prepare well for the examination, but at the time of examination, he/she is not able to answer properly due to lack of confidence and confusion. So to overcome this problem, we have provided the tops for the students. It may be noted that there is the difference b/w “the art of studying” and “the art of taking exams.”

Students require to pay attention to both aspects. We assure you that the below-provided tips will surely help you to improve your exam preparation. It is only a myth that one should require to study 13-16 hours a day to pass the examination effectively. But to be very honest, it is only a myth it does not stands true in all the cases. Students just have to make a proper plan for the examination and have to prepare your complete syllabus adequately utilizing your time. However, check the Top Written Exam Preparation Tips and make your preparation better.

So without wasting a single minute, lets go through the Top Written Exam Preparation Tips which have been provided below.

Top Written Exam Preparation Tips By Experts

So these are the preparation tips which students have to follow while preparing for the examination-

  • Start preparing early
  • Make a proper time Table as per your suitability
  • Organized Space for the study
  • Give yourself enough time to study
  • Understand the concepts properly
  • Take Help of your teachers and friends
  • Make flashcards and Use flow charts and diagrams
  • Take a proper Sleep and Drink plenty of water
  • Don’t panic
  • Take regular breaks
  • Practice old papers on regular basis
  • Organize groups study and explain your answers to others
  • Eat Healthy Food
  • Plan the day of your exams

Let’s discuss all the Preparation Tips in detail-

Exam Preparation Tips Step by Step

•   Start Preparing Early

It is the first and crucial tip for the students. A large number of students start their preparation only a few days before the examination, which is wrong, and the result went negative. So in order to get good marks, students have to start their preparation as early they can. One have to complete all the syllabus as soon as possible so that he/she get the enough time for the revision and work on their weak topics. So students are suggested to start preparing for their examination as soon as possible. 

•   Make A Proper Time Table As Per Your Suitability

In order to clear the examination effectively, students should have to understand properly that “What to prepare” “How to prepare” and “when to prepare“. After analyzing all the three aspects, students require to make a proper study time table. Must assure to set the study time when you will be most productive & can concentrate better. After making the time table, follow it properly and start preparing to achieve your goal.

•   Organized space for the study:

Now it is very crucial for the students to organize the appropriate place for the study. While organizing the place for your study must ensure that such a place should have proper lights, good ventilation and have good space to spread your textbooks and notes out. Apart from this also check that you have a comfortable chair to sit and you are out of sight of your computer and mobile games. Everyone students have its own conformable zone like for some students complete silence is the key to prepare well, on the other hand, some students like to hear light background music for study. So choose your space for the study effectively and ensure to concentrate while studying. 

•   Give yourself enough time to study:

First of all, set the appropriate time for your studies. This is one of the essential points, students have to manage the time in such a way that he/she can give the proper time to every subject. You are advised to make a chart for your study and Write down how many exams you have and the days on which you have to sit them. Must assure to make the plan for the last minute each and every second is crucial for the preparation of examination. So you are advised to balance all the subjects and ensure to give yourself enough time to study.

•   Understand the concepts properly

Some of the students choose the “rote memorization” instead of “Understand the concepts” it may not work in all cases. While studying, students must have to understand that in order to clear the examination in an efficient way, it is essential to understand the concepts. You are already giving your time to study. We advise you to give additional time to understand the concept of the topics. It will help you to remember the answers, and you will able to write the answers in examination effectively and efficiently. Don’t study rush, give proper time to each topic, and try to understand the concepts properly.

•   Take help of your teachers and friends:

Many of the students face difficulty to understand the many topics and due to problem students left that particular topic. We advise the students to do not leave the topics if you are facing any difficulty must concern the same with your teachers and friends and understand the concept from them. For convenience, you can also take the help of your family members to solve your query. We just recommend you to just clear all your doubts before it’s too late. 

•   Make Flashcards And Use Flow Charts And Diagrams:

It is human nature that he/she learns the Visual content more quickly. Students are advised to prepare the flow charts and diagrams of their notes for better understanding. And you can also make the flashcards, and you can use the flashcards as a portable study book to look over at the end moment. Many of the toppers had adopted this method for their studies you are also suggested to do so for your effective preparation. It is not mandatory to follow the same concept. You can also use your own idea as per your suitability.

•  Take proper Sleep and Drink plenty of water:

Students have to take at least 07 hours of sleep for a better result. If we take sleep properly, our body will work well and which results in better output. If you do not take the proper sleep, you will sleep-deprived and not able to answer the questions effectively. And secondly, you are advised to drink plenty of water. Being well hydrated is essential for your brain to work effectively. On the exam day, you must follow the same concept must drink proper water so you can answer effectively and efficiently. 

•  Don’t panic

Students are recommended to don’t get panic while giving the examination, of you don’t know the answers then stay calm and go to the next question and solve it first of you get hyper or panic while writing the answers you will not able to attempt it effectively which may cause the negative result. You just advise leaving the space for the question which you don’t know and write the answer of the same at last with a calm mind. 

•  Take regular breaks:

It has been seen that the student’s study for their examination as many hours as possible. To be very honest, studying for long hours may be unproductive. You cannot study for continuous hours; it may affect your health too. For the appropriate study, students have to take a proper break. Taking regular breaks will help you in remembering the concept carefully. Every student has their own routine for their studies. We suggested to follow your routine properly but routine must include proper breaks. Morning study will be more effective, and of you like to study at night, than you must take a proper break earlier on so you’re ready to settle down come evening.

•  Practice old papers on a regular basis:

Students are suggested to Practice old papers on a regular basis as it has been seen that many of the questions are always repeat in the papers. By solving the papers, students will also get to know about their exam preparation and also understand the pattern of the examination. And by preparing the last year papers will develop confidence in students and increase their question-solving skills.

•  Organize Groups Study And Explain Your Answers To Others:

Students are advised to organize group study once in a week, group study will help you to explore more topics, and you can also get to know about your exam preparation. In addition, students will also ask their queries with their friends and find the answer to the same. You are recommended to conduct a question and answer session with your friends for a better result.

•  Eat Healthy Food

Must assure to eat healthy food only, eating unhealthy food may affect your health due to which you will not able to prepare well. Students are suggested to keep their body and brain well-fueled by having a proper diet. You are recommended to eat only natural, fresh, and vitamins rich food (like blueberries, nuts, fish, seeds, and yogurt) to improve your concentration and memory. Before going to appear in the examination, take proper diet so that your body and brain work in an efficient manner.

  • Evaluate Your Performance:

After preparing your complete syllabus, you are advised to solve the sample papers and you are requested to solve such papers as per the exam rules only. By solving it, you will get to know about your exam preparation. After solving it, check your paper and prepare the topics well in which you are weak. Solving the sample papers, again and again, will help you to solve the questions faster and accurate.

•       Plan the day of your exams:

Last but not least plan the day of your exams arrange all the things required for the examination to prepare all the topics of the examination. In short, candidates are suggested to plan each and everything in advance for the exam day so you can give your examination well and attain good marks.

Note: Hope the provided top written exam preparation tips for the examination will be beneficial for you. We wish you all the best and hope you all passed your examination with good marks. If you have any questions or doubts in your minds related to this post, then you can ask us by drop a comment in the below-provided comment box. We promise you that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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